During the quarantine, I started exploring new exercise routines. I discovered Sarah's Day, a fitness blogger and instagram influencer. Sarah creates different exercise routines that are available on her website and instagram account. The routines are accompanied by an iOS app, "Sezzy Timer" that allows users to time their workout routines. Although, I enjoyed the functionality of the timer, I couldn't help but see the potential for a redesign.

The timer matches the aesthetic of Sarah's website and instagram. However, I personally feel the timer doesn't have the UI of an app, more the design of an instagram graphic. I wanted to explore adding in some modern UI trends.

Even though this was a personal redesign project, I understand how important the Sarah's Day brand is to the Sezzy Timer App. Consequently, I limited my design to her logo, aesthetic, and tried to stay in the pink color palette that the app currently has.


Created using: Adobe XD, Illustrator, Photoshop, & Procreate

Sezzy Cover.png

I started by brainstorming what I thought the app was missing. I also started to mock out new layout ideas.


I worked on developing icons to represent the different timers within the app.

Untitled_Artwork 141.png

Then I started to piece the app together. I went through many iterations of the home screen before I settled on my final decision. The current app is very minimalistic, and I wanted to carry that into my redesign. However, there was also new information I thought it was important to include, such as total workout time.

Untitled_Artwork 141 copy.png

The final layout of the app included an illustration I did of Sarah as the splash screen.

Sezzy Mockup 1 (1).png

For the homepage, I decided to go with a layout where users can see all the timers upfront. Then, users have the option to see more information about each timer by pulling out the side slider.

Sezzy Mockup 2.png

Each timer has slightly different characteristics, depending on the workout logistics. 

Sezzy 3.png

For the custom timers, there are different settings so you are able to customize your workout.

Sezzy Mockup 4.png

Overall, my Sezzy Timer redesign project allowed me to explore app design while staying within the brand guidelines of a company.

Thank you!