The concept for the Jackbird app came from a mythical creature I daydreamed about with my dad as a child. A magical bird whose tail never touches the ground no matter how high it flew- the Jackbird. 

When it comes to general habit trackers, I found there were not a lot of "gamified" options. I wanted to create something that was both kid and adult friendly, motivated users to participate daily, and followed an inspiring story.

The Jackbird app design was a personal project where I had a chance to play with more character-focused app design. The goal of the project was to create an enticing habit tracker that transported users to a magical world.  


Created using: Adobe XD, Illustrator, Photoshop, & Procreate

Jackbird Mockup_2.png

I started by brainstorming what the goal of the app would be. I wanted to make it fun and magical, so users of all ages would be able to enjoy tracking their goals.


I worked on developing the Jackbird's life stages for the different levels of the app and developed a rainbow color palette.

Untitled_Artwork 131.png

The final branding of the app included a simple logo where most of the focus could rest on the color and characters.

Jackbird Mockup_1.png

I used the onboarding experience as an opportunity to introduce users to the Jackbird character and let them know a few of the features the app entails.

Jackbird Mockup2.png

While creating your account, you have the option to customize how the app will work with you to reach your goal. The process ends with the user naming their baby Jackbird who is about to hatch before their eyes!

Jackbird Mockup4.png

The homescreen of the app shows the Jackbird's home with user progress on the side panel. Users can log their progress daily.

Jackbird Mockup5.png

The app also contains a timer feature, in case the user's goal or habit needs to be timed, and a calendar view showing both weekly and monthly progress.

Jackbird Mockup6.png

Overall, my Jackbird app design allowed me to explore fun cartoon characters, a rainbow color palette, and the intricacies of gamified app design.

Thank you!