I led the branding and website design for Etta; a start-up focused on reinventing the way people plan to move. I am proud to serve on the co-founding team. Etta is a concierge moving service helping its customers choose the perfect apartment, neighborhood, and roommate. Etta's current target audience is women 18-30, specifically recent college graduates.

I am responsible for the logo design, branding kit, website design, and social media design. With the co-founding team, we worked to create our branding voice. "We are fun, trendy, trustworthy, relevant, relatable, and customer focused. We are you!" I loved the opportunity to focus on bright and welcoming colors to highlight this message. 

In addition to the concept and design, I also built the Etta website using Wordpress. 


Created using: Adobe XD, Illustrator, Photoshop, & Procreate

Built in Wordpress


Using Etta's brand voice as my guide, I began to brainstorm designs for the logo. I started with the idea of boxes to represent a move, but then I pivoted to the motif of keys to represent finding your home.


I worked on developing the iconography for the service. Etta has several offerings: Neighborhood Match, Apartment Match, Roommate Match, The Trio, Ultimate, and Apartment Tours. I decided each service should have an icon. The icon would not only be able to provide a visual, but also help with the company's branding.

Untitled_Artwork 1.png

I mocked up desktop and mobile versions of each landing page needed for the website: Home, About, Services, and the Blog.

Screen Shot 2021-03-23 at 11.04.49
IG 3.png

After the design was final, I moved forward building the website using Wordpress and Divi.


In addition to the website, I created social media posts and strategy.

Overall, my design work with Etta allowed me to create a branding and design strategy from scratch for an innovative and trendy start up.

Thank you!

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