Daisy's Mercantile is a boutique located in the Bay Area who came to me looking for help redesigning their logo and subsequent branding. The goal of the project was to modernize the brand while maintaining its initial charm. 

I worked with Daisy's to create primary and secondary logos along with other brand marks and embellishments they could use on their assets. 



Created using: Adobe Illustrator

I started off by looking at some logo examples the client sent over. Together we discussed what elements the client liked and the style and feel she was looking for.

I sent the client some initial logo options and discussed what elements she liked and anything new she wanted to try.

Once the final logo was decided upon, I was able to complete on other branding elements such as the alternate logos and brand marks. All the elements come together in this brand guidelines deck.

Overall, working on the Daisy's logo allowed me to work in depth with a client to refresh her brand.

Thank you!

California, United States

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