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Role: UI Designer        |        Tools: Adobe XD,  Illustrator, & Procreate

An app design project focused on UI design & branding.

Birthday Mockup_7 1 (1).png


The Problem

Users are looking for a way to remember their friends’ and family’s important dates, with enough time to send a gift.

The Goal

Create a simple and easy-to-use design that gives users an environment to track important dates and inspires them to celebrate.

Frame 3 (3).png

I always forget my friend’s birthday and then I run out of time to get a good gift

It’s always my co-worker’s workiversary or something that slips my mind

I want to delete my Facebook account but can’t it reminds me of birthdays!

Arrow 2.png
Arrow 4.png
Frame 2.png

How might we remind users of events with enough time to buy a present?

How might we help users remember their friend’s and family’s birthdays?

How might we allow users to separate their dates by work, family, friends, etc?


I started by identifying how I wanted the app to function and began to sketch out ideas.

User Flow Sketch.HEIC


I decided on a bold and bright color palette and moved forward with icons to match. The icons could be used throughout the design and serve as branding elements.

Untitled_Artwork 125.png

I designed a logo and app icon for the product. The birthday cake imagery carried the theme of the app and helped users easily define the purpose of the product.

Birthday Mockup_3.png

Primary Palette

Group 4.png







Group 5.png







With simple, modern, and bright design the wireframes allow users to easily navigate while getting in a celebratory mood .

I wanted to create an onboarding process to help users understand all the features available in the app. I used bright colors along with the branded icons to create a cohesive feel. 

Birthday Mockup_1 (1).png

To add someone's birthday or other important life event, you can create a profile for them inside the app.

Birthday Mockup_4 (1).png

The homescreen is simple and easy to understand and navigate. Different symbols reflect different event types. In addition to viewing each profile, you are also able to see your dates in a calendar view.

Birthday Mockup_6.png

To easily navigate the app, there is a filter system where you can sort based on categories such as family, friends, and work.

Birthday Mockup_7.png

Thank you!

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